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Curious Characters

Jamie Curious

From the odd to the outright mad, from trend-setters to strange minds. Curious Characters seeks to delve into a unique realm of new discovery. Jamie Curious takes you on his pilgrimage of intrigue and curiosity with a humorous episodic show. Each episode is dedicated to a different subject and unearths forgotten facts from the tomes of history. Curious Characters explores the full spectrum of strange humans, covering hidden figures, current curious happenings, bizarre and paranormal mysteries and history’s forgotten heroes. Comedy, explorers, trend-setters, mysteries, criminals, historical people, true ghost stories, self help, entertainment and some ruddy fun education.“We may not see their like again”. Curious Characters is broadcast out of a studio in the South West United Kingdom. Jamie Curious is a man with a passion for all things weird, historical and biography based, he enjoys making characters from the past a bit more real. Linking with the likes of Torquay Museum, the musical legend POM and a host of other wonderful helpers. Jamie Curious is also good at self promotion and writing his own podcast descriptions.